Sunday, October 27, 2013

OpenCV GPU ORB issues

So I was noticing some issues with ORB on the GPU. The descriptors obtained at (in

                orbGpu(finalFrame, maskFrame, gpuKeyPoints, gpuDescriptors);
                orbGpu.downloadKeyPoints(gpuKeyPoints, keyPoints);

These were somewhat "unreliable" because there was no Gaussian blur before calculating the descriptor values. You could see this easily if you paused the video, so that the key points were always calculated on the same image. In this case, for the GPU the points jumped around while for the CPU they remain constant. This was fixed with
              orbGpu.blurForDescriptor = true;

This issue is well described at

The next step will be a stereo camera setup, so that I can filter out the background, which will help a lot filtering out false positives.

The other issue is that the camera has an exposure that is too long, this is a problem for the speed at which the detection happens. You can't move the robot to fast (or the objects can't move past the robot) because then they start to blur and then nothing is recognizable.

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