Monday, December 24, 2007

Sometimes, we would like to live in sub-worlds that allow us to relax and escape the large conflicts of life. Like making money, getting a degree and christmas presents. The sub-world helps to correct the imbalance found in our world. I have yet to find a way in which we can correct imbalances found in a given world while still in that world.

This is a sub-world I found in Beverlac.
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My first Blog

This is the first time ever in history that I am writing on a blog. Interesting experience. The title speaks of me speaking of my part of the world. We each have our own part of the world and can rule it the way we want it. Whether its filled with princes and princesses or stocks and bonds. Hopefully each small part of the world will contribute to a greater world success.

This world idea, does not relate to the many world hypothesis given by some physisits, albeit a possibly related field.